At Infusiasm, we pride ourselves in using only premium quality ingredients and fully activated cannabis oils in every infused product we make.

Premium Genetics

We source only the finest cannabis from our farm chosen for their terpene and cannabinoid content.

Rooted in Science

Our highly trained technicians use the latest science and technology to produce exceptional extractions.

Tested for Quality

All of our products are tested at multiple independent laboratories to ensure quality and wholesomeness.

#HASH | Tonic Drops | CBD Pet Tincture | 5 Leaf | Full Melt

The Infusiasm Line of Products

#HASH produces premium-grade concentrates for the discerning cannabis enthusiast. Our highly trained extraction technicians employ scientific best practices and innovative techniques in order to deliver the cleanest and best tasting wax, shatter, and live resin on the market. All offered at an affordable price.

Long before prohibition, cannabis tinctures were the most popular form of medicinal cannabis consumption in the US. In keeping with that storied tradition, Infusiasm Tonic Drops set the standard for cannabis tinctures that not only provide the positive benefits long sought after by consumers, but that also taste good and mix well.

Developed with your furry best friends in mind, Infusiasm CBD Pet Tincture is designed so your pets can enjoy the numerous reported beneficial properties of cannabis. Formulated with all-natural bacon, salmon and chicken flavors, CBD Pet Tinctures are a tasty addition to your pet’s diet. Follow the easy dosing instructions included on the label and apply under your pets’ tongue or directly onto your pets’ favorite meal.

Five Leaf is a premium brand of cannabis-infused topical products made using high quality, natural ingredients and the finest cannabis straight from our garden. Fashioned for the modern cannabis consumer, Five Leaf topical products blend the best of what nature has to offer with hash oil extracted from our top shelf cannabis strains in order to deliver an experience that will melt away your stress, and relieve aches and pains.

Smooth and creamy bliss is officially on the menu with Full Melt's Milk Chocolate Bar. Premium cannabis oil, rich milk chocolate, and a commitment to quality control have allowed Full Melt's artists to honor this classic confection in a big way. Full Melt’s in-house flavorless distillate ensures that the chocolate’s authentic flavor shines through in every piece. Pure, flavorless cannabis oil means that all you’re getting is high quality chocolate and THC. From start to finish we know where all of our products come from and can ensure the quality. Vegan friendly, nut-free, gluten-free.

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